Building new friendships. Connecting with other cultures. Truly participating in society. It's possible when you speak the same language. It's possible with Taaly.

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Language Buddies

Become a Language Buddy and Make a Difference

Why become a language buddy?

  • Personal Enrichment

    Expand your horizons and get acquainted with new cultures.

  • Social Impact

    Actively contribute to a more inclusive society.

  • Flexibility

    Provide assistance at times that suit you best, all from the comfort of your own home.

  • Voluntary or Paid

    You can choose what suits you best.

The Impact of Being a Language Buddy

As a language buddy with Taaly, you play a crucial role in the life of a newcomer. You not only assist in learning a new language, but also contribute to faster integration and reducing loneliness. Together, we work towards a society where everyone has equal opportunities.

How to Become a Language Buddy?

Become part of the solution today. The process is simple and fast: Download Taaly from the app store on your phone or tablet. Create an account: fill in basic information about yourself. Upload your introduction video or photo: introduce yourself and show who you are. Indicate your availability: choose times that are convenient for you. Then we'll find a perfect match together. Start the first session. Once there's a match, you can get started.

Are You Ready to Make a Difference?

Become a language buddy now and embark on a journey of personal growth while making a significant contribution to our society.

Language Learners

Start your Dutch language journey with Taaly

Whether you are a refugee, expat, migrant worker, or international student, Taaly is your first step towards effective communication in Dutch.
  • Made for and by Newcomers

    Taaly understands newcomers very well because the platform is created by people who were once newcomers in the Netherlands themselves. Here, you can be yourself and learn with the help of people who truly understand you.

  • Your Choice, Your Pace

    At Taaly, you are in charge of your learning process. After watching various introduction videos, you can choose who and when you want to practice with. This ensures that you feel comfortable and confident during your learning journey.

  • More Than Just Learning a Language

    New Friends: Get to know people from your environment and make new friendships. Practical Learning: Learn Dutch in an environment where you feel safe and comfortable. Realize Your Dreams: By learning Dutch, you can achieve your ambitions and express yourself better.

How can I start?

How To Start
  • 01

    Download the Taaly app: start by downloading the app on your smartphone or tablet.

  • 02

    View profiles: take the time to get to know different language buddies.

  • 03

    Choose a language buddy: decide who you feel comfortable with and who is available at a convenient time. Make a choice based on your own preferences.

  • 04

    Start practicing: set your schedule and begin your language journey at your own pace.

For Municipalities

Taaly: Collaborating for a Stronger Community

Taaly can help you connect language learners and Dutch speakers in your municipality. With the app, they can connect with each other and collaborate to enhance Dutch language proficiency.

That's the power of Taaly: talking together about anything that interests and matters to you, on equal terms. This builds bridges in society and promotes participation and integration, both in the social domain and in the labor market. Improved language skills reduce barriers for employers to hire newcomers.

What Does Taaly Offer?

Taaly is more than just a platform for language practice. It connects people who would probably never meet otherwise.

Taaly offers tailored language coaching: language learners practice the language relevant to their daily lives and the sector in which they work or intend to work. Taaly contributes to social inclusion and inclusion in the labor market. With Taaly, language barriers are reduced: employers gain access to a pool of motivated and talented workers. Thus, Taaly contributes to solving the labor shortages faced by many companies.

What Can You Do as a Municipality?

You can collaborate with Taaly and encourage local businesses to implement Taaly in their company. This way, you can play a key role in creating a more inclusive, prosperous community.

Embedding a Success Story/Testimonial

Your plan sounds like music to my ears.

Inge Language buddy

That what I need is a safe place where I can make mistakes in Dutch.

Jalal Student

Your story speaks to me

Robbert Language buddy

That is the ideal solution for me, a flexible solution.

Nebras student

Contact Us Today

We invite you to explore the possibilities of collaborating with Taaly. Contact us here to discuss how we can make a difference together. For a society where everyone counts and everyone can participate.



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For Businesses/Organizations

Taaly: Partner in Inclusivity and Integration

At Taaly, we are leading a new movement, and our mission is clear: to drastically improve the language proficiency of language learners in the Netherlands. We believe that communication is the key to success in life, and that's exactly where Taaly makes a difference.

What Does Taaly Offer?

Taaly is more than just a platform for language practice. Taaly connects employees within your company or organization, promoting smooth collaboration in the workplace.

  • Taaly offers tailored language coaching: employees practice the language they need in the workplace and in their daily lives.
  • Taaly contributes to inclusion in the labor market; employees discuss anything important in the workplace and establish better connections with each other.

Why Collaborate with Taaly?

Efficiency and Harmony in the Workplace

At Taaly, we understand that the backbone of successful businesses or organizations is an effectively communicating workplace. Findings from the 'Share my voice' labor migrant panel show: mastering the Dutch language not only promotes smoother collaboration among colleagues, but also clear communication with management. So, it's a win-win situation for everyone.

Personal and Sustainable Development

At Taaly, we offer more than just improving work performance; enhancing language skills and social contacts are also sources of personal and professional growth. And that builds bridges in society and promotes participation and integration, both in the social domain and certainly in the labor market.

Collaboration with Taaly

A step towards a more inclusive and sustainable future, where language barriers do not limit people and everyone has the opportunity to develop and make a valuable contribution to the community.

Cost Saving

For businesses and organizations, Taaly offers an economically advantageous solution: by improving employees' communication skills, common misunderstandings and errors are prevented. This leads to significant cost savings in the long term.

  • What Can You Do?

    Do you want to contribute to a more inclusive society? Then you can collaborate with Taaly for a future without language barriers and implement Taaly in your company or organization. Together, we are building a future where language is a tool for success and growth, a stepping stone to unprecedented opportunities.

  • Want to Know More?

    We are happy to provide a demonstration or trial access so you can assess whether Taaly is right for you.

  • Contact Us Today

    We invite you to explore the possibilities of collaboration with Taaly. Contact Taaly here and take the first step towards a better future.

You can't find volunteer language buddies on Taaly. Check out our packages for paid language buddies.

  • Starter Package

    Six sessions of half an hour for

    €69.99,- Buy Now
    Starter Package
  • Most chosen package
    Growth Package

    Eighteen comprehensive sessions, priced at

    €199.99,- Buy Now
    Growth Package
  • Mastery Package

    An intensive program of forty-eight sessions for

    €499.99,- Buy Now
    Mastery Package

All packages are exclusive of VAT and are valid for one year after purchase. Choose the package that fits your learning goals and start exploring new languages today!

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